A financial check? This is how it works

When allocating construction numbers by first preference, it occurs that there are multiple candidates with the same registration period in days. If so, the financial check - that shows your ability to loan the required amount or pay it (partly) with your own assets - determines who will gain an advantage. Upload this document from your bank, financial advisor or mortgage company in your account. Are you buying the house using only your own assets? In this case, a financial check is not necessary. Upload a statement ‘buying with own assets’ instead.

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Financial check conditions

Make sure that the document states that you can loan the required sum for the house you desire or afford it with your own assets under the income, capital and/or debt you indicated. You can ask your financial adviser which data they require for this. Preferably the following information is also included in the document: the name of the region and/or neighbourhood of the house, which phase it is in, and the city where the project is located. And last but not least, your name and address information.

You will have your mortgage adviser/provider draw up this document. After the start of the sale, you can upload the document to your account when indicating your preferences. This information will only be used for the allocation. After allocation, we will delete the financial check data from our systems.

An example of a document acceptable to BPD is, for example, the Rabobank's Loaning & Living Orientational Report. Ask your Rabobank financial adviser for this document.


  • only upload the document
  • do not upload until after the sale has started
  • with a statement of the required sum
  • document must not be older than 3 months

Do not

  • do a financial check too soon
  • email the document before the start of the sale
  • send a document that is older than 3 months
  • or if the document does not meet all conditions
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