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Want to buy a house via Nieuw Kortenoord? Create a personal account

Buying a house via Nieuw Kortenoord is only possible after creating a personal account in “Mijn Eigen Huis” (My Own House). At a single glance, you can see an overview of your favourite houses, indicate your preferences digitally when the sale starts, and manage your preferences online effortlessly. How easy can it be?

What are the benefits?

  • Update your personal details quickly with simple, easy access
  • The latest news delivered to you first
  • The convenience of all your favourite houses in one place
  • View the project status and the status of your favourite houses
  • Pass on and change your preferences online
  • Orderly access to all the documents for your favourite house(s)

Create an account and house favourites

Read the step-by-step instructions on how to create an account and how to manage your favourite houses. Are you and your partner interested in a house? Create 1 account with one valid e-mail address. Creating two separate accounts serves no purpose and will only complicate things. You can enter your partner’s personal details in “Mijn Eigen Huis”.

Create an account

Creating an account is very easy. In just a few steps, you are in your own personal environment, which you can view and manage at your own ease and convenience. Click on the silhouette, on the heart by the housing type or the heart by the lot number under the available houses. Enter your name, e-mail address and desired password in the login screen. A message is then sent to the e-mail address you entered. Are you a couple interested in buying a house? Then create 1 account with one valid e-mail address.


Confirm an account

To verify whether you have actually created an account, you will subsequently receive an e-mail to confirm your account. You will be able to log into “Mijn Eigen Huis” after you have confirmed your account. 

Logging into “Mijn Eigen Huis”

You can log into your “Mijn Eigen Huis” account after confirming your account. You will see your initials displayed where you first saw the silhouette displayed. When you return to the website, you will also see your initials displayed there, and the heart by your favourite house(s) is now red.

What are your favourite houses?

Place your favourite houses in your favourites’ list. Here you can compare them with each other. Ensure that your favourite houses are in this list when you specify your top 5 lot numbers when the houses go on sale. Of course, you need do nothing additional if they are already in the list. However, if they are not yet in the list, go to the houses available and click on the heart by your favourite housing type.

Managing “Mijn Eigen Huis”

After having logged in, you can manage your personal details, read messages, view documents, and manage your preferences when the sale starts. Are you curious about what that looks like, but you do not yet have an account? Then make one quickly.

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