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Financing your house

Buying a house is the biggest purchase one makes in one’s life. There are many choices you must consider as a buyer. Numerous advisers of the Rabobank are involved in this area of financing.

Calculating a mortgage yourself

Everything feels right. You have found your dream house. And because we market our (provisional) prices at an early stage, you can also prepare for the purchase of your dream house at an early stage. You can check whether you can afford this dream house based on your income using, for example, the Rabo Hypotheekdossier

Zelf hypotheek berekenen


During the purchase process, you generally have 2 consultations on the financing of your dream house. The first is exploratory, and the second results in an official mortgage application. The exploratory consultation is often just before the purchase of the house and provides you with greater insight into the options. The other consultation is held when you sign the purchase contract. In that consultation, all the relevant details are definitively requested and set down in writing. You may also choose your type of mortgage and the term of the mortgage based on this advice.


Applying for a mortgage

You have signed the contract of sale/purchase and you have a clear picture of your total financing needs. Now you must definitively arrange your financing. If you decided to go with the Rabobank, then you can enter your definitive details in the Rabo Hypotheekdossier. This will save you a lot of consultancy costs. Of course, you can choose any mortgage provider you wish. Thoroughly compare all the conditions of each provider and choose the form of financing that suits you best. You will ultimately receive a mortgage offer that you can accept. A registered mortgage offer from the Rabobank is valid for 1 year.

Financing approved

Congratulations! With the financing approved and your offer accepted, there is nothing more to impede you from enjoying a new and exciting future. The contract of sale/purchase usually contains some conditions. Besides the financing, the integrated environmental permit must also have been obtained, and approximately 70% of all the houses must have been sold in the phase in which you buy your house. These conditions may vary per contract. You can go to your civil-law notary the moment all the conditions have been satisfied.

Financiering goedgekeurd

To a civil-law notary

Once the financing has been arranged and the suspensory conditions in the contract of sale/purchase have elapsed, you can go to the civil-law notary to sign the deed of transfer and the mortgage deed. This is a very important moment, as from that moment you become the proud owner of a piece of land and the house to be built on it.

We often appoint a project civil-law notary who arranges all the contracts for that project. But this is not mandatory, if you prefer otherwise mention this in the sales talk. Besides arranging the legalities associated with buying a house, the civil-law notary can also officially arrange other affairs. For example, many couples also choose to have a last will and testament or a cohabitation agreement drawn up.

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