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Buying a house, how do you do that?

That’s the one! You have finally found your dream house. After months of searching the internet and waiting patiently, you have found the house you want to buy. You can buy this property from us 100% online, using an estate agent or using a combination of both. But, how do you do this exactly?


An important 1st step is that you register with us as a party interested in the phase of which your dream house forms a part. You can do this by clicking on the heart next to your favourite house. Make a personal account at the same time. This account will give you access to extra functions such as comparing houses and additional news.

After registering, you will receive not just regular updates on the development of the houses and the neighbourhood, but this will also set you up for the next step. Because once the sale starts, you will receive an e-mail with the information to allow you to immediately register online for the lot numbers of your preference.

Indicate your preferences

On the day the sale starts, you will receive an e-mail after 5 p.m. containing a link to the special sales page. At that moment, all the information you need on which to base your choice is available on the website and in your “Mijn Eigen Huis” account. You can enter a maximum of 5 preferences. You can change your preferences, delete houses from your list or add houses to your list until the closing date. These changes are saved immediately. You can conveniently do all this in a clearly ordered and overseeable way within your account. Your registration is person-related and not transferable. Only 1 registration will be accepted per future household.

Voorkeur woning

Note! You will only receive the e-mail containing the link if you register for one or more housing types or houses belonging to the phase that is on sale. Do this now if you have not done so already or if you are not sure that you have done this already.



Then the houses will be allocated. We try to allocate people to the house of their highest preference as much as possible and also aspire towards the most optimum possible occupation of the lot numbers. In this regard, we select the most concrete candidates and apply the following criteria sequentially:

1) Number of candidates per lot number
If there is only 1 candidate for a lot number, this house will be allocated to that person. However, a second assessment will follow if there are several candidates for that lot number.

2) Financial check
If there are several candidates for 1 lot number, we will check whether each candidate has had a financial check done. This indicates that you know what you can lend from the bank. After the sale has started you can inform us of this by uploading a letter from your mortgage provider or financial consultant in your “Mijn Eigen Huis” account. This upload facility is made available as soon as the sale starts, and you have indicated your preferences.

Ensure that the letter states that you can lend the amount needed for the house you desire - based on the income, capital and/or debts indicated by you. This information is explicitly used for the allocation. We will destroy this information after this allocation.

3) Registration period
If several candidates register for a certain lot number and they have all passed the financial check, we then look at the interested party’s moment of registration for the project concerned. The house will ultimately be allocated to the person who has been registered the longest for the phase concerned.

In this way, we aspire towards the most optimum occupation of all the houses. The faster all the houses are sold, the sooner we can start building. This benefits both us as developer and you as potential future resident.


After allocation you will receive a message by e-mail indicating whether you have been allocated a house or not. You can see which house that is in your “Mijn Eigen Huis” account. You have one option on the house. You will be placed on the reserve list as a reserve candidate if you are not allocated a house. This is also indicated in your account.

You are allocated a house

Congratulations! You have been allocated a house! Confirm the option allotted to you in your “Mijn Eigen Huis” account within 48 hours. Then you can determine how you subsequently wish to arrange your purchase. You can do this using the estate agent, fully online or via a combination of the two. It is up to you! Have you decided not to proceed with the purchase? Then cancel the option allotted to you. You can do this using your account. This is free and without obligations.

You are not allocated a house

That is a pity, but there were more candidates than houses. In your account you will see that you are a reserve candidate for your preferred house(s) and you will be informed of this as soon as possible. If someone cancels his/her option, we will allocate the house to the remaining candidates with as their first preference that lot number. We will contact you as soon as possible. We do not give out any information on how many reserve candidates there are and on the place you hold on the reserve list.

Signing the contract

You are now a step closer to the purchase of your new house. Depending on which choice you made in your account when you confirmed the option allotted to you, you can sign the contracts (digitally) at the estate agent or in the comfort of your home if you opted for the fully digital process. 

Contracten tekenen

Either at the estate agent

If you are 100% sure you want to buy the house, you can arrange a signing appointment with the estate agent. Together, you will run through the contracts for the land and the construction of the house. The estate agent will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have. After placing your (digital) signature, you have taken the last step and the following phase begins.

Or fully online

Did you choose online purchase after confirming the option, then you must follow a number steps so that the purchase contract can be drawn up. After a few working days, you will receive a link to the contracts in your mailbox. Finally, you will be asked to place your signature digitally and you will then receive the fully signed contracts and a transaction note in your mailbox. How digital signing works precisely is explained under Frequently Asked Questions and in your account.

Your house!

Your dream house is now truly your house! Construction will start when at least 70% of all the houses in the project have been sold. And after all other suspensive and resolutive conditions of the purchase and building contract have been satisfied. Of course, you will be informed about this. Together with the contractor you can conclude agreements regarding additional and less work and other wishes regarding your house. The contractor is your fixed contact from the start of the construction. We will keep you informed about other developments in your new neighbourhood by e-mail.

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